Lands of Amtgard

Resources for Battlegames. Titles for Landholders. Funds for the Shire.

The area around your park have attracted new citizens (the NPC kind). With the increase of citizenry and the need for vital resources for the growing population, it is up to you to take control of the lands around you. We need herbs, meat, vegetables, ore, and wheat if we are to survive!

ENTER, LANDS OF AMTGARD, where YOU are the farm owner. Or maybe several farms or mines! Earn Resources for each type of land you rent. Use your Resources to buy game items, such as potions or scrolls. Sell items to others for Resources! Bid at auctions with resources! And earn a new title based on the level of your resource building.

If you are looking for a way to generate a steady income for your Amtgard park, then Lands of Amtgard may b e for you. All it takes is 50 cents per week, paid to your park, to rent your land. Rent as little or as much as you want! Higher levels give you even more benefits.

Visit the Facebook page today to download the most current set of rules. Like the page to stay up to date on future rules revisions.

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